Style: Christine Vasan
Wednesday, December 7, 2011 at 06:00AM in STYLE, handmade jewelry, pps321 holiday shop 2011


I first met Chris about two and a half months ago at a PTA fundraising meeting. We were both new to these meetings, and when it was over, we both expressed interest in helping out with the school's Holiday Shop. Little did we know that we would end up meeting once a week from then until now to discuss all the details of the event! Over the course of all of those meetings Chris and I became friends. One of the first things I noticed at one of our early meetings was the beautiful necklace that Chris was wearing...I discovered that she is a wonderful jewelry designer and eventually I asked if I could go visit her studio. 



I love seeing where artist friends work and this did not disappoint. Chris's work is very delicate and largely inspired by nature. She uses gold, silver, a variety of gems, and even delicately crocheted cords. Seeing all her tools and the various bits and pieces that will one day become a finished piece of jewelry was fascinating. Chris shares her space with a group of women artists who are all also mothers of small children. Every where I looked there were interesting projects taking shape. I am sure they all inspire each other daily!


Not only did Chris dedicate a huge amount of time to organizing the PS 321 Holiday Shop, she will also be a vendor. If you want to buy a very special piece of jewely for yourself or someone dear, please come and visit her table. She has also just launched her own shopping website so you may buy from her directly if you are not in the New York area.  



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