birthday art party
Monday, December 3, 2012 at 06:00AM


Apologies for my complete negligence the past few weeks -- the fall is always the busiest season for me and this has been no exception! Although it is old news now, I thought it might be nice to share the sweet art party Bea had for her birthday this year. Family and a few friends gathered for origami, tape wallets, and tote bag making. Bea loved preparing for the party too...which was great since it was all she could think about or talk about for days. 


The cardboard tables Adam made years ago for one of Oliver and Owen's parties were pulled out of the basement once again. The money spent on the inch thick cardboard all those years ago was certainly well spent! They are so light weight that we can move them easily around the house, and they have been surprisingly sturdy.


Bea set the table with blank muslin tote bags from Muji and assigned places to the guests by decorating a brown paper bag for each. Those bags were filled with a pack of origami paper and a silk lipstick case (filled with a chapstick) later...both favors were from Pearl River. I bought a bunch of fabric markers at Pearl Paint and the kids set to work decorating their bags upon arrival. 


As the kids finished up their bags we moved to another spot where Lauren and I helped them make tape wallets. I found amazing tape at Pearl Paint. My kids love making duck tape wallets but they had done it so many times I wanted to try something a little different. This tape has more of a fabric finish and the colors were great. It was pricey but the rolls are big and I am sure we think of other uses for it. We hardly made a dent in the rolls during the party.


Last but not least, Oliver taught the girls how to make origami ninja stars. I got pretty floral origami paper at Muji (unfortunately not available online) when I picked up the muslin bags. 



By the time all these projects were complete the kids had about 20 minutes of time for playing and cake. All in all a successful party!


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