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strawberry freezer jam


Last weekend Lauren and Ben took Lila strawberry picking and came home with a beautiful basket full of ripe strawberries. For years my mom has made frozen strawberry jam and it has always been my very favorite. She delivers a few jars each summer, and I am always tempted to hide them so that I can have them all to myself. And yet, I have never actually made my own. Well, Monday afternoon we did just that. The funny thing is that the recipe is straight from the pectin box (certo brand), and could not be easier...Bea and Lila practically made it themselves. Sorry Mom, your secret is out!



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It's our favorite too Amy! We make our batch every summer and it barely lasts us all year long. (Scary the amount of sugar you put in, but I've played around with the lower sugar options and they are not nearly as delicious!)

June 23, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterBrooke Reynolds

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