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green salad with fresh figs


If you have not developed a love for figs this is the time of year to try. When ripe they are juicy and sweet, but it is their unique texture that makes them extra special.  This salad is simple enough for everyday but so pretty that it would also be great for a dinner party. I used butter lettuce from the farmer's market as the base. Add figs (cut into halves or quarters), grapefruit sections, and some chopped pistachios. For the dressing I drizzled the salad with extra virgin olive oil, a squeeze of grapefruit juice, balsamic glaze, and a little fleur de sel.


To see if figs are ripe press very gently - they should be soft but not be mushy. You will find several varieties at this time of year as well...the most familiar are black mission figs, but the rounder green calimyrna figs are also very delicious. There are several classic ways to eat them as well: paired with prosciutto, or on a crostini with mascarpone and a drizzle of honey, are among my favorites. I also love to eat them alone, or mixed into fruit salads for a little unexpected crunch.

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