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strawberry salad


Last week it was just too hot to cook. After picking up the boys at camp one day we stopped at the Food Coop and searched for things for dinner that did not involve cooking. I was craving a salad but wanted something different than our usual greens with cucumbers and avocado. The strawberries smelled delicious so I decided on strawberries, feta, pistachios and a gorgous greens mix that was full of edible flowers and spicy micro greens. For a dressing I just drizzled it with good balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and freshly ground pepper.


The salad was great but it clearly was not enough for dinner...we decided to get smoked trout and pickled herring (the boys had differing opinions about which one sounded better so we got both). We served both kinds of cold fish with crackers and it worked well with the salad...add to that some raita with whole wheat pita and we were all totally satisfied without turning on the stove.

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Wow delicious salad. Great dinner idea for hot weather.
Our last hot day dinner was gazpacho with some chickpeas thrown in and pita bread with an assortment of cheeses.
Another idea for a salad: a whole (wild) cucmber, pealed, halved and then chopped into "sticks" (about 5mm x 5mm) an apple in sticks, 150 gr. defrosted peas, dressing: olive oil with lemon juice and s&p and then a good handful of fresh peppermint leaves chopped really really finely. Very surprising and refreshing. If it's really hot it might be nice to serve it on some crushed ice... just thinking. Have a wonderful day!!!

July 15, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSimone

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