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Flying birthday party!


Recently one of my boys went to a great flying themed birthday party. My friend Donna never does anything half way so I was not surprised when she went all out for her son's party...the cleverness began with the amusing invitation:


We will head to the park for airplane races and stunt flying, then head home for some terrible food, and inflight movie, and uncomfortable sleeping arrangements.


Before the party each child received a boarding pass (shown above) which Donna made using a free downloadable template which you can find here.



The birthday boy, Will (above left in his captain's hat), used the computer program Microworlds which he has been learning at school to create an "airsickness bag" (above center). The bags were filled with Foam fliers, gum, and a tee shirt which Donna designed (above right). It is now one of Owen's favorite shirts! Donna ordered the tee shirts here and than made the airplane cloud here and printed them on iron on tranfers.



Thank you to Will and Donna for having such a fantastic birthday party, and to Donna for sharing photos too!