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tassel pillowcases


The house we rented for our vacation was modern and beautiful. The bedrooms were all made up with white linens but often had one small flourish that made them very special. These tassel pillowcases were my favorite. Maybe one day I will try to make my own using this how to for making tassels.


decorating with kids art


My friend Coco (age 5) did this self portrait and I just love the way it looks taped to the wall in her room. So simple, and yet it adds so much personality! The hot pink tape is a nice touch.




style: page marchese norman


My friend Page has the kind of home style that I envy - not only is she amazing at arranging things in an inspiring way, but she sees as much potential for a still life in things that are functional as she does in the totally obscure. I always notice the unusual objects that are featured throughout her house...most of us would never think to hang a skein of wool roving in the living room!


When I asked her how she would describe her style here is what she said:

"Basically I am inspired by things from nature, hand made objects, textiles, organic forms, etc. (fibers, wood, ceramics, linens, muslin, paper, baskets, simple line drawings, glass, etc) the more basic and simple and unfinished, the better.  I don't decorate...rather I just make still lives of things I love.  I love the juxtaposition of old and new, traditional and modern.  I love mixing shades of grey from warm to cool together with muslin-y neutrals.  I also love all these washed out greys and neutrals with a good pop of a neon color, yellow, tomato red, black or silver."


agnes et agnes kids furniture

I just downloaded the latest issue of the online magazine lmnop and fell in LOVE with this:



block print linens


I love Indian block print textiles for all their contradictions - somehow they manage to feel simultaneously old fashioned and modern, graphic yet feminine, simple and ornate. I was so delighted when I saw this new line in the current West Elm catalogue that I ordered quite a few pieces: the grey quilt and pillowcases for our guest room (above), and twin quilts and pillowcases for our boys' room. The boys' quilts have not arrived yet but the pillowcases are a nice tomato red and the quilts are reversible so you can have either the leaf motif or the diamond print facing up (photo below). So far I love everything, and the prices are great.