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igloo 2013


A few years ago when there was a big snowstorm we spent the day in the park with friends trying to build an igloo. We had a great time doing it, and did manage quite a large construction, but never succeeded in building the roof. It was a great day and I have wanted to try igloo building again ever since. I noticed some snow brick molds on The Land of Nod and ordered a few for our family. We have hardly had any snow since then so the molds have been collecting dust in the basement...until now.


When we woke up on Saturday morning to a beautiful snow covered street we were all eager to go to the park. We met a bunch of friends and all split up...Owen wanted to sled with one group, Oliver set to work making snowballs and a fortress, preparing for battle, and Bea and I started building our igloo. It was slow going at first...it took us a few tries to get the hang of the brick molds, but we happily set to work. When we had only completed a few rounds and our igloo wall was about 18 inches high our friend Sam arrived. Sam was part of the original igloo building group a few years ago (and is also the father of a favorite friend of the boys) and apparently he left that first effort, like me, determined to build a successful igloo. Unlike me, he did some homework along the way, and as a result became the crucial partner in our effort!



Once Sam was on our team progress was much quicker. A few interested kids and parents came to watch and eventually many joined in the effort. Armed with a metal spatula Sam was stationed inside the igloo, carefully lining up our bricks so that the walls curved in nicely. The rest of us made the bricks...packing the wet snow firmly into the molds. As the igloo grew we had to go farther and farther from the site to collect enough fresh snow to make the bricks so Bea, Lila and I delivered bricks by the sledful. By the time we were ready to close the roof a small mob had gathered to watch and help.


Sam ended up completely enclosed in the igloo and had to use his trusty spatula to cut a doorway out. The crowd cheered and the kids poured inside. Eventually I made my way in too, with Bea, and I have to say it was beautiful to see the white walls glowing from the inside.