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brooklyn museum: El Anatsui


After spending an afternoon working on the book Jodi and I gathered our families and went to the Brooklyn Museum to see the show Gravity and Grace: Monumental Works by El Anatsui. The show is gorgeous and so inspiring. The majority of the work is made from bits of metal from recycled cans and packaging. The unbelievable use of color and draping is really magical. Unfortunately I only had a phone camera and the works are quite large so the images below are just small details...they don't do it justice but they might give you just a hint of how pretty it is. If you are in Brooklyn the show will be up until August 4th and is definitely worth checking out.



exciting news: super make it


You may have noticed that in recent months I have been posting less, and complaining of being busy more! I am excited to finally be able to explain why. My wonderful friend Jodi Levine, a longtime craft editor at Martha Stewart Living magazine, has been wanting to write a craft book for ages and decided to take the plunge. About a year ago she asked me if I would join forces with her and photograph the book. It started as a bit of a pipe dream...we imagined self publishing...but after a lot of work and much time we are happy to announce that Potter Craft will publish the book in the fall of 2014. It is such a thrill for me to be collaborating with such a talented and inspiring friend, and a very exciting (and sometimes scary) opportunity do be doing something new. 


The book, Super Make It, will be full of ideas for rainy days, parties, holidays, for adults and kids to do separately or together.  Martha Stewart Living gave a sneak peak at one of Jodi's projects in the May issue of Martha Stewart Living, and we just launched our website for the book if you want to take a look! I'll keep you posted as we add more to the site.